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Bi-Line conveyors specialize in creating custom, innovative solutions in automated soiled ware transportation for the foodservice industry. Their equipment is built to the highest quality. They have been creating quality conveyors for over two decades. Sharing a factory with Champion Dishwashers, Bi-Line full tests the whole system for every piece assembled - which is unique to the Champion and Bi-Line brands.

Soiled Tray Conveyors

Bi-line has built a reputation on solving ware-handling concerns and creating innovative solutions to manage transporting your soiled wares from the dining room to the dish room. With a variety of options available, Bi-Line can create a customized solution to maximize any space. With conveyors built to handle tray or tray-less operations, everything is developed to be flexible.

Manufacturer Highlights

Belt Conveyors

The Bi-Line Belt Conveyor is great for tray and tray-less applications, designed to handle high and low volume. By using a stainless steel pin, they decrease the likelihood of a jam or a broken slat. Two belt styles with different widths and configurations available. 

Poly Cord Conveyor 

The Poly Cord Belt is an economical and excellent choice when only trays are being used, can be used in high and low volumes depending on the length of the run. Through use of a high strength rubber polyurethane cord with a reinforced nylon cord in the core.

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Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region

Available States


El Paso


New Mexico


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