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Grindmaster, Crathco, and UNIC brands recently celebrated their 125th anniversary. They started 1865, when a 14-year old boy from Germany immigrated to Chicago to apprentice as a tin and coppersmith. For over a decade, he learned his craft, mastered techniques, and then began innovating. In 1893, advanced machinery was designed to produce a wide assortment of hot water, coffee, and tea urns, while preserving the quality and workmanship of the handcrafted originals.


They continue to pioneer, offering an unparalleled selection of quality professional beverage equipment to best serve our customers’ needs. From before dinner drinks to after dinner coffee, their mission is to help your business become easy, successful, and profitable.

Simplicity Series Bubblers

Less equals more when it comes to the Simplicity Series Bubblers, the first machines that are proud to offer less. Less counter space with their compact size. Less time and effort in cleaning and disassembly. Less wear and power usage. Less waste, with product dispenses to the last drop. Less worry with fewer removable parts. And, less maintenance. Overall, less gives you much more when it comes to a Simplicity Bubbler.

Manufacturer Highlights

I-Pro Series
Frozen Beverage Dispenser 

Create the best slush, sorbet, or granita products with the Crathco I-Pro 2E double frozen granita dispenser. Designed to be the most advanced forzen drink dispenser on the market, it combines high performance, a modern design, and a user-friendly experience into one unit. Decked out with multiple features such as an electronic control board, manual defrost for easy maintenance, and an adjustable product consistency control.

SP Series
Frozen Dessert Dispenser

Enjoy the versitility to serve both frozen drinks or creamy frozen desserts in one unit with the Crathco SP double frozen dessert dispenser! Not only compact, but this unit is also specialized and ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, or hotels where you want to offer a frozen treat but do not have the space for a large, complex machine. 


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions
Available States

Midwest Region

Rocky Mountain Region

Texas & Oklahoma Region






Western Pennsylvania





New Mexico


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