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Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is one of the leading global providers of food service, beverage and laundry solutions, serving a wide range of customers globally, from restaurants and hotels to healthcare, educational and other service facilities. Electrolux Professional has a complete offering within food, beverage and laundry.


Their key products include combi ovens, cooking ranges, refrigerated cabinets, chillers and dishwashing equipment, coffee grinders, coffee machines (espresso and brewing), hot beverage dispensers, cold beverage and juice dispensers as well as frozen drink and ice cream dispensers, commercial washers, tumble dryers, drying cabinets, ironers and related specialty accessories and systems.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions
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Midwest Region

Rocky Mountain Region

Texas & Oklahoma Region





El Paso

Western Pennsylvania




West Virginia

New Mexico


Skyline Combi Ovens

The new Skyline Combi Ovens are made to deliver outstanding performance in every way. These innovative units can be characterized by reduced running costs and are designed with better ergonomics and usability. Save up to 20% on energy costs, and operate in the most time-efficient way. Experience flawless cooking results, unique flexibility in cleaning, and seamless communication. 

Manufacturer Highlights

Skyline Blast Chillers and Freezers

Save money on food costs by pre-preparing greater quantities and extending shelf-life thanks to the Skyline Blast Chillers. Every chill cycle saves you an extra 47 minutes, increasing your productivity and making your workflow more efficient. Making your daily work easier, always safer food, and less environmental impact, more savings.


The SpeeDelight takes high-speed cooking to a new level - fast has never tasted so good. This unit gives you the freedom to combine speed, quality, and creativity. Outstanding reliability, easiest cleaning operations, and lower manpower costs thanks to the non-stick tray. Working at 1000 cycles per day.

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