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Founded in 1981, Gemini Catering Equipment is a privately held company headquartered in Singapore. Gemini specializes in the design of commercial foodservice and laundry facilities, and the supply and installation of commercial foodservice and laundry equipment. They represent several leading brands of commercial foodservice and laundry equipment, some from the time our company started until today, attesting to the strength of the partnership, trust and support between Gemini and their manufacturers.

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Available in the following locations:

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Western Pennsylvania

Midwest Region

Electric Induction Range

The essential piece of cooking equipment for every kitchen for all types of pan cooking. Available in freestanding or countertop options, and can be configured with base or oven (gas or electric) below (for freestanding models only).

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Blast Chiller & Freezers

Part of the Cook & Chill system of cooking is where food is rapidly chilled using a blast chiller and then regenerated using ovens. Use Soft Chilling for delicate foods like vegetables and seafood, Hard Chilling for solid and firm foods such as meats and casseroles, and Shock Freezing for all kinds of raw, half, and fully cooked foods to store over a long period of time.

Gelato Machine

This multi-functional machine combines function of the pasteurizer and batch freezer into one single machine, saving space and also enabling a quick and easy transition from pasteurization to freezing. Enhances food safety by further preventing contamination since the mix does not need to be manually transferred from a pasteurizer to a batch freezer. 

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