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Over 130 years of experience in the commercial dishwasher business has earned Champion the reputation of "The Dishwashing Machine Specialist." Headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Champion remains devoted to excellence - in products, manufacturing, sales and service. Champion has ENERGY STAR® qualified dish machines in all categories.

Champion Industries and Bi-line Conveyor Systems combine to provide a truly integrated approach to warewashing, ware handling and waste reduction solutions. Whether you need a large capacity flight-type dishwasher or a compact undercounter dishwasher, Champion can engineer a complete dish handling solution to meet all your needs.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region

Available States

New Mexico

PRO Series Rack Conveyors

The Champion PRO Series Rack Conveyor Warewashers incorporate the latest technology to deliver superior performance in commercial kitchens. With the new PROportional Rinse System, these machines use only 100 gallons of water per hour, resulting in significant water savings. The PROgreive Anti-Jam Drive System ensures near-constant movement of the dish rack, resulting in consistent washing and rinsing. The PROdigy Controller, which features an HMI touch screen, is a breakthrough technology that makes these warewashers easy to operate and maintain. Whether you run a busy restaurant, hotel, or catering business, the Champion PRO Series Rack Conveyor Warewashers are the perfect choice to ensure your dishes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Manufacturer Highlights

E Series Conveyor Flight Machines

The Champion E Series Conveyor Flight Machines are designed to meet the demanding needs of high-production foodservice operations. These machines feature an Exclusive Dual Rinse Technology that ensures thorough cleaning and sanitization of dishes. With a water consumption as low as 48 GPH and a dish capacity of up to 16,495 dishes per hour, these flight machines offer exceptional efficiency. The optional heat recovery feature further enhances the efficiency of these machines by redirecting lost steam to heat, using less energy.

Door Type Warewashers

Champion's Door Type Dishwashers are perfect for foodservice operations of any size, as they save water, space, chemicals, and energy while delivering spotlessly clean dishes. The models are versatile, as they are available in both low and high temperature options, and can be converted from straight through to corner configurations.

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