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KOLD-DRAFT is a friendly, flexible company. All of their energy-efficient commercial machines produce the only square cube—cubes proven to be the industry's most pure. KOLD-DRAFT ice-making process literally freezes out impurities that competitors' ice machines can't.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Midwest Region
Rocky Mountain Region

Available States

El Paso
New Mexico
Northern Ohio
Western Pennsylvania

SC200 Ice Machine

The Kold-Draft SC200 produces up to 150 lbs of Big Cube ice per day making it the ideal model for any undercounter or bar application. This unit features a front breathing inlet and discharge allows for installation in tight spaces. Additionally, it features front access to ice, and the door lifts up or slides in, so it's always out of the way.

Manufacturer Highlights

GTX360 Ice Machine

The GTX360 300 lb Ice Machine by Kold-Draft produces up to 300 lbs. of individual, hard Big Cubes of ice per day! This unit is stackable, air or water cooled, and designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

KDB230 Ice Bin

The Kold-Draft KDB230 Ice Bin comes in four models to meet a wide range of space and capacity requirements, these bins also accomodate larger ice makers and side-by-side installation of smaller cubers and flakers. This model features an extra low door which allows users to easily reach ice at the bottom of the bin.

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