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Pasmo America's soft-serve machines are renowned for their quiet operation and efficiency. They utilize high-end motors instead of belts, significantly reducing both power consumption and noise levels. Pasmo provides soft-serve machines for our US servicemen & women on overseas military bases. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in features such as power sequencers and self-retracting handles, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

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Stand Alone Machines

2 Liter freezing cylinder, optimizing on capacity, extraordinary continuous discharge ability, pre-cooling for hopper and cylinder at the same time, Dispensing and standby functions, as well as Stainless Steel construction

Manufacturer Highlights

Single Flavor Counter Top

This machine boasts a single hopper and flavor option, accommodating various preferences from low-fat to non-fat ice creams, custards, yogurt, Italian ices, and sorbet. Even during peak hours, it guarantees continuous discharge, while its multiple security levels and stand-by options ensure both safety and hygiene for the liquid ice cream.

Drink Machines

The new multi-functional machine is always ready and requires zero waiting in between drinks. Featuring high capacity and quick refrigeration speed. Make milkshakes, slush, smoothies or frozen cocktails! 

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