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RPI Industries, INC.

RPI Industries is revolutionizing the way restaurants store, display, and deliver their cuisine with our state-of-the-art line of cutting-edge products. RPI's commitment to quality, innovation, and design is exemplified through each and every one of their products. RPI provides a comprehensive design, service, and implementation experience for all types of dining and hospitality venues, from five-star hotels to fast-food restaurants. Headquartered in Medford, NJ, RPI proudly serves businesses all over the US, helping them store, display, and deliver food to their hungry customers.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region

Available States

New Mexico

Vienna Air Pan With Air Tower

The Vienna Series VIAP AT is a drop-in air pan with an air tower, which provides higher air coverage for taller product. It is cooled by circulating a curtain of refrigerated air over the product in the display area to enable precise temperature control and maximum cold transfer to the food product. Evaporator features a lift-up mechanism that allows the inner pan to be easily rinsed clean. Unit is designed to accommodate standard hotel / foodservice pans (to be purchased by others).

Manufacturer Highlights


ONDO® is a temperature-controlled locker system for efficient food pickup and delivery. The ONDO unit is a hands-free experience thanks to the optional motorized, touchless doors. The unit offers operations a safe and efficient food delivery system with cubes that are easily converted to hot or cold through RPI's innovative technology.

Vienna Curved Flip-Up Doors

The Vienna Series VICD-CV FD Slide-in or Drop-in is a refrigerated display merchandiser, featuring insulated glass side panels and curved front glass with “flip-up” compartment access doors for self-serve application. Unit is available in choice of three heights with hinged rear see-through access doors. When being used as a “slide-in” please advise if counter height is 34” or 36”. Optional 6” or 8” stainless steel adjustable legs or casters are available for slide-in style models.

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