The Montague Company is a family-owned, family-operated business. For over 150 years they have carried on the proud tradition of using skilled techniques and fine craftsmanship, to create a specialized manufacturing experience, that brings customers the highest quality commercial cooking equipment.


They offer the LEGEND series of heavy duty ranges, counter equipment, fryers, broilers, gourmet pizza ovens, Chinese ranges and EXCALIBUR custom island suites, TECHNOSTAR medium duty restaurant ranges and counter equipment and VECTAIRE high volume convection ovens.

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Midwest Region

Rocky Mountain Region

Heavy Duty Overfired Broiler

The Montague RADIGLO overtired gas broiler delivers consistently cooked steaks, even on your restaurant's busiest nights. This broiler features infrared heat that soars up to 1800ºF to sear in natural juices or flavors. Known as "The Steakhouse Broiler", is available for customization to fit your operation with a variety of options to suit your menu, space, and workflows.

Manufacturer Highlights

Hearthbake Pizza Oven

The Montague Pizza Ovens provide peak performance and quality craftsmanship that operators have trusted for years. Each model features a fully lined interior of Cordierite firebrick-lined sides and top. This Cordierite stone retains heat for a quick recovery to keep production high and guests happy.

Single Depth Island Suite 

Build your dream kitchen with a Montague Island Cooking Suite. These models are available in Single, Double, or Modular. These suites maximize space and increase efficiency while allowing for full customization of your equipment island to meet your facility's needs.


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