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Commercial Kitchen Smallware Essentials

From Pro Reps and Thunder Group

When it comes to a commercial kitchen, we understand the struggle of needing things done quickly and efficiently. So here's a short list of the absolute essentials to help your kitchen achieve that.

Now, this is one that every chef may have a different opinion on... so these are just our suggestions for some of the best! We'd love to hear your personal favs down below!

1. Chef knives - we'd hate to get caught in a dark kitchen late at night without one

2. Variety of cutting boards - Opt to color code these guys to prevent cross-contamination in your kitchen

3. Pans - go ahead and get the variety pack - you'll use them for everything from sauces to cookies to oven pans in the food warmer

4. Pots - just like the pans, a variety of pot sizes are useful for many different cooking operations

5. Mixing bowls - again, go with a variety of sizes here

6. Spoons - How else will you taste your masterpiece before serving it?

7. Spatulas - these can range from metal to silicone and both have useful purposes

8. Thermometers - you have many options in this category, opt to choose the best thermometer for your application

9. Measuring cups - these come in a variety of sizes and uses

10. Food storage containers - You may not think you need em' till you need em'

Before you go...

You tell us! What is your all-time #1 kitchen utensil?

  • Chef Knife

  • Spatula

  • Wooden Spoon

  • Kitchen Shears



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