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John Boos & Co.

John Boos & Co. creates sustainable, high-quality, performance-driven equipment and workspaces that inspire home cooks and professional chefs to evoke passionate connections through what unites us all: delicious food and meaningful company.

Through a legacy of workmanship, innovation and devotion stemming from our founder to employees past and present, John Boos & Co. aspires to be recognized worldwide as a touchstone at the heart of cooking and the enjoyment of food.

Since 1887, the American-made line of John Boos gourmet products has been trusted in the world’s finest kitchens and workspaces by renowned chefs and restaurateurs. Be it wood or stainless steel, our dedication to custom, precision craftsmanship is unwavered.


Available in the following locations:

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Florida Region

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Boos Blocks®

Timeless, stylish and enduring, iconic Boos butcher blocks and cutting boards have been a preferred and trusted tool for generations.

Manufacturer Highlights

Commercial Stainless Steel

From world-famous restaurants to 50,000-capacity sports arenas to school cafeterias and supermarkets in your own neighborhood, John Boos is the trusted name when it comes to quality, long-lasting and dependable foodservice products.


Elevate and enhance your residential or commercial kitchen and dining spaces with our signature Boos Block brand countertops and worktops.

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