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Our legacy of service is 


“Legacy is not leaving something for people.

It’s leaving something in people.​"​ - Peter Strople

We are a company with a rich history of 60+ years and are continuously searching and reinventing new ways to satisfy our customers. The Bauer name has provided three generations with the same core values. Our commitment has earned us a reputation of trust and leadership in the foodservice industry.

In 2018, Brian Bauer of Professional Reps and Bruce Bauer of Bauer Marketing Group announced the joining of forces. Professional Reps has acquired Bauer Marketing. These two teams have now merged together to bring you the new Professional Reps. The heartbeat of our organization will continue to be our customers and creating raving fans. 

We’re excited to ring in this new chapter while continuing to honor the legacy that both companies have served for over six decades.



Professional Reps is not the typical rep firm.


Our commitment goes above and beyond the industry "norm". We pride ourselves in quick quote turn-around time, having an in-house CAD designer, hosting live demos in our kitchens, and most importantly we take great pride in providing after-sales support. The job is not done when the dotted line is signed, we will go on-location to see the installation process and train the kitchen crew members. It is important equipment is used properly and maintained well, and we do our best to train end users in this fashion.


An example of how we can help: We help restaurants find the right professional equipment that satisfies their specific needs - all the way from the floor troughs, to the cooking ranges, to the chair styles customers sit on.


As equipment continues to get better and more innovative every day, we stay current on our training so we may remain experts in the field and provide the best service. We believe in the importance of providing thorough information and quality products to end users, ensuring they have a positive experience.


We welcome your business, we thank you for your business and we look forward to providing you a professional experience!

The Bauer Legacy Continues with the New Professional Reps! We are manufacturers rep in foodservice. We have innovative solutions from range tops to floor troughs. We are ready to help outfit your kichen needs today.

Pictured (left) Bruce Bauer, Founder of Bauer Marketing;

(right) Brian Bauer, CEO of Professional Reps. 

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