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Amerikooler is a top manufacturer of walk in coolers, walk in freezers, cold storage rooms, commercial refrigerators and combo units.

For over 30 years Amerikooler has been leading the industry with the most reliable walk-ins for the everyday foodservice and retail business because of their quality construction, the most efficient insulation, the highest quality energy efficient refrigeration system, expedited customer service and the longest running warranties in the industry.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region

Available States

New Mexico / El Paso

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

Amerikooler walk-in coolers and freezers are made with the industry's longest-lasting and most energy-efficient insulation, every time. From standard to 6'x6' units to custom warehouses, you're guaranteed top-of-the-line panels and leading refrigeration equipment partners to provide customers with the most sophisticated cooling solutions available.

Manufacturer Highlights

Convenience Store Coolers

Customization, placement, and overall cooling quality are crucial elements when it comes to walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers for convenience stores - all of which you will find in every Amerikooler unit. Whether it's a beer cave or glass door cooler for sodas, Amerikooler guarantees the highest quality to keep your drinks colder for longer.


The new ambience and surface purifying system - The ActivTek PureKooler™ significantly reduces odors, gases, and microbial populations in the air and on surfaces, utilizing RCI technology. The perfect solution for indoor pollution, odors, and contamination, this technology consists of a UV light and photocatalyst target, creating an Advanced Oxidation Process.

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