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Avtec is a leading provider of commercial ventilation equipment tailored for the professional foodservice industry. Their offerings include commercial kitchen ventilators and air handling systems, recognized for their exceptional design, user-friendly interfaces, and notable energy efficiency. Avtec's vent hoods, dish return conveyors, and utility distribution systems stand out as versatile solutions, addressing diverse functional needs and budgets while delivering significant savings in energy, time, and labor. With a commitment to customization and innovation, Avtec's sophisticated designs make them a trusted partner for enhancing efficiency and safety in commercial kitchens.


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EcoArch Ventilation Hoods

The EcoArch commercial kitchen ventilation hood from Avtec ensures better capture, containment and breakdown of grease molecules and grease vapors. The system features a sophisticated patented arch design combined with front-mounted, high-velocity exhaust slot cartridges for maximum performance and energy-cost reduction. With the available UV (ultra-violet) feature, EcoArch can reduce grease build-up in the plenum and ductwork to minimize cleaning, maintenance costs and odors in exhausted air.

Manufacturer Highlights

Utility Distribution Systems

Free up kitchen equipment and increase profit margins with utility systems engineered for superior versatility and flexibility. Avtec invented foodservice Utility Distribution Systems (UDS) to save money and installation hassles with convenient one-point connections for all utilities. UDS also provide increased peace of mind with features like fire-fuel equipment shut-off, ground fault equipment protection, digital timers, LED read-out, fan controls and magnetic motor controls.

Bus Trac Conveyor

The low-cost, high-performance solution for busy cafeterias and complex kitchen equipment configurations.
Easy to clean and operate, the Bus Trac conveyor from Avtec is ideal for soiled tray return in cafeterias of all sizes, utilizing a vertical accumulation of between 2-5 tiers to form a buffer between the dining area and dish room. This innovative commercial foodservice equipment features stainless steel baskets, carriers and uprights that are easily removed, as well as replaceable UHMWP side rails.

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