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Berner International, a trailblazer in air curtain technology for over six decades, prioritizes energy savings and creating comfortable environments. With a vision of "An air curtain on every door," Berner focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction. Architects, builders, and specifiers choose Berner for its superior performance in preventing energy loss and controlling insects. Guided by values such as integrity, teamwork, and quality, Berner remains committed to excellence, inviting like-minded individuals to contribute to its legacy of providing top-notch air curtain solutions.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region
Pacific Northwest Region

Available States


Low Profile Air Doors

Crafted for mounting heights up to 8 feet, the air curtain offers discreet environmental separation and insect control solutions. Featuring sleek white or black powder-coated cabinets, it seamlessly integrates into diverse spaces like main entrances, bars, and walk-in coolers. This energy-efficient solution enhances food safety and protects against spoilage. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Manufacturer Highlights

High Performance Air Doors

This high-performance air door offers effective environmental separation and insect control up to 10 feet and 8 feet respectively. Ideal for service and main entrances, it's available in various sizes, with options for custom colors and stainless steel. Simple to install and maintain,

Architectural Air Curtains

Berner Architectural Air Curtains offer a discreet yet functional solution for entryways. It provides environmental separation, reducing air infiltration, dust, and humidity. With customizable colors and stainless steel options, it meets designers' aesthetic concerns. It mounts on walls or ceilings, featuring high efficiency and low noise. Berner offers additional support and specifications tailored to project requirements.

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