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Component Hardware

You can rely on Component Hardware for premium components engineering. By partnering with manufacturers, they bring together a vast catalog of parts, deep insights, and extensive skills to develop unique solutions. From streamlining your current production to new product ideation and creation, their innovative solutions will enhance your engineering capabilities while saving you time and money.

No matter how complex the challenge might be, they will work with you to develop new concepts that can quickly move through your work cycle, utilizing rapid prototyping and a proven global supply chain.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region

Available States

New Mexico

Walk-In Refrigeration Hardware

The Brushed Aluminum Foot Treadle offered by Component Hardware enables effortless and secure hands-free operation of walk-in doors with flush offsets. This practical add-on can be used on both right and left-handed door swings, incorporates a stainless-steel pin and low friction bearings, and is adorned with a brushed aluminum surface.

Manufacturer Highlights

Casters and Caster Kits

The Component Hardware OA Medium Duty Caster Kit is designed specifically for fryers and other "hot content" equipment that rests on pitched floors and must be moved for cleaning or service. Casters are also designed with a special retaining feature that keeps the leg attached to the caster during adjustment and movement to avoid dangerous content spillage.

Commercial Refrigeration Handles/Pulls

The Anodized Aluminum Decorative Handles featuring Black Vinyl and Black Heat-Resistant Thermoplastic Standoffs are a perfect fit for reach-in refrigerators and freezers, warmer cabinets and drawers, and other types of movable transport equipment. These handles are resilient and come with decorative black vinyl trim attached to the back to conceal the front mounting holes.

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