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Groen epitomizes a commitment to excellence in commercial kitchen equipment, driven by a shared passion for exceptional food preparation and service. Their dedication is evident in a product line that includes braising pans, steam kettles, steamers, and combi ovens. Beyond offering well-crafted and cost-effective designs from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Groen stands out for its focus on increased kitchen efficiency, food safety, and culinary quality. The company's commitment to simplifying and streamlining kitchen operations, along with advanced ergonomics and precision controls, sets a new standard for performance in the dynamic landscape of commercial kitchens.


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SmartSteam Pro Boilerless

Heavy-duty commercial kitchen equipment that delivers consistent quality and performance. With a simple interface, the touchscreen provides better, faster communication to the user. Smarter and efficient cooking results in a better, healthier and more consistent product. Features like our side-mounted convection fan, manual and post-cook holding options and pan timers for precise cooking help create nutritious and repeatable results every time. Enhanced intelligence and diagnostics improve maintenance and reliability. The SmartSteam® Pro Boilerless harnesses the power of information to make the equipment easier to care for and more reliable.

Manufacturer Highlights

Braising Pans

Kitchen equipment that combines a skillet and a kettle into one versatile commercial cooking solution. Equipped with new electronic controls that allow operators to achieve more precise temperatures for maximum cooking consistency, Groen braising pans combine the functions of a skillet and a kettle into a single high-performance, commercial cooking solution — one that braises, roasts, boils, simmers, poaches, bain-maries, pan-fries, grills, sautés and steams with ease. In fact, our braising pans are the perfect back-up for nearly any piece of commercial cooking equipment in the kitchen.


Kettles help cooks turn “nothing into something,” which can make a huge difference to a professional foodservice operation’s overall efficiency and profitability. From the award-winning lineup of Groen steam jacketed kettles that offer perfectly consistent, repeatable batch-cooking results day after day to the extensive CapKold equipment assortment that delivers exceptional mixing and blending results for a wide range of food products, we can help your commercial kitchen achieve greater menu versatility and expand food preparation capabilities.

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