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Moffat is an Ali Group company and is renowned as one of the world's two largest group in the industry. Moffat is not just about the products we offer – we provide a range of added value services across the world to meet the changing competitive markets with our dedication to working with our clients and their needs.

Read about our heritage and the highlights of our journey to become one of the leading suppliers in convection oven for the catering industry. You can find out where we operate, our partnership and sponsors within the industry, and updates on our recent news and events in this section.


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The Turbofan range's most successful concepts have been given a makeover, resulting in a sturdy line of convection ovens that are simple to operate, adaptable, and equipped for long-term durability. Each item in the collection embodies the Turbofan brand's reliability and outstanding performance. Besides their sleek appearance, these ovens are also packed with impressive features. The line is enhanced by P Series prover/holding cabinets and oven support stands, further complementing the range's capabilities.

Manufacturer Highlights

Proofer & Holding Cabinets - EH Series

Moffat prioritized customer satisfaction in the design and production of the Turbofan P8M and P12 Proofer and Holding Cabinet range. The proofers offer ample tray spacing for full-size sheet pans, and standard features include an auto-fill humidity generator and holding cabinet function mode, with easy-to-use controls. The units are designed to be compatible with Turbofan convection ovens within the same range, allowing for double stacking. The fully insulated double-skin cabinet ensures optimal proofing efficiency, and the easy plug-in connection makes installation a breeze.

Convection Ovens

Moffat's Turbofan ovens are an excellent choice for food service operations, offering a wide range of cooking applications. From roasting beef, chicken, lamb, and pork to preparing meatloaf, pies, potato bakes, braised steak, and casseroles, these ovens can handle it all. Additionally, they're perfect for baking frozen goods, morning pastries, patisseries, croissants, Danish pastries, and savory items with consistency and quality. One of the Turbofan range's standout features is its bi-directional fan system, which delivers increased air volume and heat distribution within the oven cavity, resulting in more power and better performance.

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