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Backed by a legacy of integrity, Ovention was founded in early 2011. In July 2013, Ovention was acquired by customer service award-winning company Hatco®. A care for customers combined with the reliability of their innovative Precision Impingement® technology, continues to raise the bar in traditional cooking.

Today they have over 7,500 ovens in the field across all segments, making delicious the right way. From authentic flatbread and roasted vegetables to perfect paninis and gooey brownies, Ovention continues to commit to improving the culinary creativity and bottom line of their customers.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Midwest Region
Rocky Mountain Region

Available States

El Paso
New Mexico
West Virginia
Western Pennsylvania

MiLO Double/Single

MiLO brings the unmatched quality, speed, and consistency of cooking that Ovention is known for. The MiLO ovens are all ventless, giving you flexibility for the installation location. MiLO also uses first-of-its-king technology called Linear Impingement and Infrared (IR), the first successful integration of hot air and IR in an oven that utilizes the strength of each technology. MiLO is available in various sizes.

Manufacturer Highlights

Matchbox Oven

The Ovention Matchbox presents an exceptional cooking solution as it enables you to prepare a diverse range of menu items without requiring a hood. With the Matchbox 1718/1313, you can elevate your cooking experience to new heights. Its Precision Impingement technology provides you with the ability to customize cook time, blower speeds, and temperature for each item separately, thereby providing you with optimal cooking control that's perfect for high-volume operations.

Microwave Speed Assist

Higher quality, higher speed, smaller footprint. The MiSA-a12 is a rapid cook oven that produces quality food, provides labor efficiencies, and a shocking capacity-to-foot-print ratio, and it's ventless. You can now produce an even wider range of food products with the same outstanding quality, even quicker.

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Countertop Conveyor Oven

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