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Randell, a pioneer in commercial kitchen equipment, has been addressing temperature challenges in the foodservice industry for over 45 years. Their commercial refrigeration equipment offers solutions that increase shelf life, accommodate diverse food products, and support menu expansion. With a focus on flexibility, Randell provides both standard and modular kitchen equipment, ensuring high performance in spaces of all sizes. Their exclusive refrigeration design promotes consistent food quality, reduces wear, and simplifies cleaning, contributing to increased confidence, energy savings, and improved operational efficiency for foodservice operators.


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Texas & Oklahoma Region

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Flat Top “Sandwich/Salad” Prep Tables

For standard kitchen environments, choose from the Flat Top “Sandwich/Salad” Preparation Tables. With pans recessed into the refrigerated base — combined with their exclusive air ducting that directs air over the pans — these tables combat hot ambient conditions with cold blanketing the surface of the pans.

Manufacturer Highlights

Modular Chef Service Counters

Randell Modular Chef Service Counters allow you to create your own “fabricated” counter without the complexity and cost of customizing from the ground up. They offer the durability and pleasing aesthetics of a fabricated counter combined with the convenience of a pre-wired, easy-to-clean frame (or module). Their standard modules leverage a wide selection of independent prep tables and hot food holding equipment with drag and drop functionality.

Serving Lines

Randell’s serving line offering is a complete mobile food systems solution. Featuring a variety of available finishes and aesthetics, they are the ultimate in flexibility—fitting to your operation’s specific menu and space with interlocking cafeteria-style serving units, as well as a fully customizable designs that easily adapts to future changes.Each unit is easy to maintain and has options like removable body panels on all sides and convenient open shelving. Parts are easy to remove and replace as needed — making Randell an ideal choice for busy cafeterias and dining areas across the institutional and school foodservice equipment markets.

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