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Food Service Post-Pandemic: The Equipment Solutions You Need as Restrictions Ease

Covid restrictions are, hopefully, beginning to ease across the country, which means the food services industry can look forward to growth and recovery as customers return to brick-and-mortar establishments. However, there is still a difficult period of transition ahead of us that must be carefully managed to ensure businesses in this industry remain resilient, agile, and ready to connect with consumers.

This is where foodservice equipment is going to play a major role. Businesses need the right equipment solutions to support this resilience, agility and connection throughout the transitional period and beyond. Let's take a look at some of these solutions that are supporting growth and recovery in the sector.

Refrigeration in Customer-Facing and Back-End Locations

Foodservice kitchen design best practices are changing. While use of space has always been an important consideration in kitchen design, this became even more critical as social distancing regulations were implemented across America. While these regulations are being lifted, businesses need to remain aware of social distancing, just in case the transition to recovery does not go as planned.

To achieve this, restaurants, coffee shops, and other client-facing businesses are turning to self-service or partial-self-service policies. By deploying refrigerated cabinets in both customer-facing and back-end locations, businesses can support social distancing by minimizing contact between customers and staff members while also freeing up additional space in kitchens and staff areas.

Leading Solutions

Beverage-Air provides a range of both back-end and client-facing chiller cabinets and commercial refrigeration solutions that help businesses navigate this change.

Automated Hands-Free Equipment

Even as restrictions ease and regulations are lifted, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the mindset of many consumers in the United States. Following the coronavirus crisis, many consumers are understandably wary of infectious disease risks and wish to remain protected. To support this, businesses can offer automated client-facing, hands-free equipment to minimize contact.

These automated solutions can be cleaned and sanitized regularly to improve customer confidence and peace of mind. Self-service policies also make it easier to provide efficient and cost-effective food services.

Leading Solutions

Dispense-Rite offers cup dispensers that either customers or staff members can use, reducing the need for direct interaction and supporting sanitary conditions for all users.

Food Prep Capabilities at Scale

The future looks bright for the industry, which means businesses will soon be able to set their sights on growth and expansion once again. As teams navigate recovery and begin to target fresh opportunities, they will need to make sure their kitchen infrastructure is able to handle increased capacity.

By working with foodservice kitchen consultants, businesses can optimize their use of the available space in their food prep areas. They may also want to invest in highly capable solutions that expand operational capacity.

Leading Solutions

Montague provides industry-leading commercial kitchen and food preparation equipment, ideal for businesses looking to expand their capabilities in a meaningful way.

Sanitation Equipment

Sanitation and hygiene has always been high on the agenda in the food services industry. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to heightened awareness in this area for customers, staff members and business owners alike.

This means businesses will need to demonstrate their commitment to sanitation and hygiene, investing in equipment that safeguards public health in kitchens and client-facing areas.

Leading Solutions

Premier Metal & Glass provides robust and reliable sneeze-guards and other solutions designed to support a hygienic environment across the whole business.

Looking Forward to Growth

We're not completely home and dry yet, but it seems we have turned a corner and the mood is optimistic. With the right equipment solutions to support them, businesses can look forward to a period of growth following some dark times during the Covid-19 pandemic.



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