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No Hood? Sounds Like You Need a Ventless Solution

Not every kitchen has the ability to add a hood, and that shouldn't be the reason your pizza sucks. Ovention has the answer you've been looking for in their variety of Ventless Ovens - sure to perfect your pizza, every time, hood or not.

We hand-crafted our pizza in the Ovention Shuttle Conveyor Oven, which solves the everyday challenges of traditional conveyor ovens with two technologies built into one oven.

This oven combines the high output benefits of a conveyor oven as well as a closed cavity oven, all using the Ovention advanced Precision Impingement® Technology.

The Shuttle can act as a conveyor during peak periods for maximum output. It can also switch to "Shuttle Mode" which encloses the cavity and utilizes custom oven temperature, time, and independent top and bottom blower speed.

The closed cavity of the Shuttle holds moisture in food products, maintaining food integrity along with a 30% higher yield. It is also 1/3 more energy efficient than traditional countertop conveyors and has the added benefit of producing less heat in the kitchen, which is an obvious plus for you and your staff.

Are you ready to add an Ovention Conveyor Oven to your kitchen? Or want to come & see how it works in person? Click below!

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