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Bi-Line conveyors specialize in creating custom, innovative solutions in automated soiled ware transportation for the foodservice industry. Their equipment is built to the highest quality. They have been creating quality conveyors for over two decades. Sharing a factory with Champion Dishwashers, Bi-Line full tests the whole system for every piece assembled - which is unique to the Champion and Bi-Line brands.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region

Available States

New Mexico

Soiled Tray Conveyors

Bi-Line has established a strong reputation for addressing issues related to ware-handling and developing inventive solutions to effectively manage the transfer of dirty dishes from the dining area to the dishwashing area. Their range of options is diverse and can be tailored to suit any given space. Bi-Line's conveyors are designed to handle both tray and tray-less operations, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Manufacturer Highlights

Vortex Wash System

The Bi-Line Vortex Sink is a unique solution that uses a swirling water flow to effectively clean and rinse dishes. Its innovative design ensures that food debris is quickly and thoroughly removed, minimizing the need for manual scrubbing. The Vortex Sink's efficient water usage also makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

Belt Conveyors

Ideal for both tray and tray-less operations, the Bi-Line Belt Conveyor is built to handle high and low volumes with ease. Its design incorporates a stainless steel pin, which helps to reduce the risk of jams or broken slats. Customers can choose from two belt styles, each with different widths and configurations to suit their specific needs.

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