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Chicago Metallic Bakeware

'We understand the demands of commercial baking and foodservice. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you manage your pans — from buying new to refurbishing — so having the bakeware you need is one less worry.

Chicago Metallic knows what it takes for pans to perform at their best. That’s why we never cut corners. We use the highest quality materials, coatings, and manufacturing processes to deliver lasting value to our customers.
Chicago Metallic has over 300 pans in stock & ready to ship.'


Available in the following locations:

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Florida Region

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Stock Bakeware

Chicago Metallic Bakeware's stock bakeware offers high-quality, durable baking pans for a variety of applications. Made from heavy-duty materials such as aluminized steel and stainless steel, these pans provide even heat distribution and are built to last.

Manufacturer Highlights

Custom Pan Solutions

Chicago Metallic Bakeware offers Custom Pan Solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of any commercial kitchen. From concept to design to production, their experienced team works closely with customers to create custom pans that fit specific applications, such as specialty baked goods or unique recipes.

Pan Coatings

hicago Metallic Bakeware offers a range of high-quality pan coatings to ensure that baked goods are released perfectly and easily from the pan. Their coatings include AMERICOAT® Plus, DuraShield®, and Glazed. These coatings are designed to provide excellent durability, superior release properties, and easy cleaning, making them ideal for commercial bakeries and foodservice operations.

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