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Food Warming Equipment

FWE Inc. is a premier global foodservice manufacturer and supplier to some of the largest brands and facilities in the food industry. Privately owned and operated, FWE maintains a manufacturing facility in Portland, Tennessee and offices in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Spanning over 8 decades, FWE has held the focus to continually bring new quality products to the market that offer value, safety and labor savings to owner operators. Built out of solid tradition, FWE continues to move forward serving the industry with long-lasting quality and dependability.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region

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New Mexico

Heated Holding

FWE Heated Holding boasts an extensive array of 182 models, making it the most extensive collection of food holding solutions currently available. Each warming cabinet from FWE comes equipped with a fully adjustable temperature thermostat, enabling you to have complete command over your product. To enhance the duration of holding times and save energy, the majority of FWE cabinets are adequately insulated, and they feature robust stainless steel construction both internally and externally. Irrespective of the dimensions of your operation or the type of product, FWE offers the perfect solution that aligns with your specific requirements.

Manufacturer Highlights

Dual-Purpose Cabinets

Regarded as the most flexible and high-performing cabinet for proofing and holding bulk foods, the FWE PHU-12 leads the industry. This cabinet is essentially two-in-one, offering both proofing and heating functions, which eradicates the need for duplicate equipment and cuts down on costs. The PHU-12 accommodates a diverse range of trays and pans, and the separate controls for air moisture and temperature make it effortless for the operator to modify and sustain the ideal temperature and moisture level.

Banquet Cabinets

Designed to manage the most demanding on-site or off-premises events, FWE's humidified banquet cabinets guarantee that your meals stay hot and fresh, accommodating up to 12.375 plates. With these models, you can eliminate concerns about serving delays and unexpected arrivals. Simply stack your products on the shelves, and they will remain fresh for an extended duration, ensuring that your guests enjoy top-quality meals.

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