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Founded in 1981, Gemini Catering Equipment is a privately held company headquartered in Singapore. Gemini specializes in the design of commercial foodservice and laundry facilities, and the supply and installation of commercial foodservice and laundry equipment. They represent several leading brands of commercial foodservice and laundry equipment, some from the time our company started until today, attesting to the strength of the partnership, trust and support between Gemini and their manufacturers.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Midwest Region

Available States

Western Pennsylvania

Double Rack Gas Oven

The Gemini Double Rack Gas Oven is a high-capacity bakery oven that is ideal for baking a large quantity of items simultaneously. With its stainless steel exterior, independent doors for each rack, and advanced digital controls, this oven is perfect for commercial bakeries and kitchens. Its durable construction and high-performance burners ensure even heating and consistent results, while its large windows provide excellent visibility.

Manufacturer Highlights

GBE Series Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers

The Gemini GBE Series Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers are designed to provide excellent mixing results for a variety of doughs, making them ideal for bakeries and commercial kitchens. With their durable construction, these mixers are built to last, and they come with a variety of features, such as a high-torque motor, adjustable speed settings, and a fixed bowl design that allows for easy loading and unloading of dough. The spiral mixing action of the GBE Series ensures that the dough is thoroughly mixed and kneaded, resulting in a consistent and uniform dough quality. These mixers are available in a range of sizes and capacities to suit any baking operation.

Pastry Sheeter Floor Standing Models

The Gemini Pastry Sheeter Floor Standing Models are designed to provide precise and efficient sheeting of pastry dough in a commercial bakery or kitchen setting. With their durable construction and powerful motor, these sheeters can easily handle a variety of dough types and thicknesses, producing consistent results every time. The floor standing design allows for easy operation and cleaning, while the adjustable rollers ensure precise sheeting thickness. The safety features, such as the emergency stop button and safety guard, ensure that the machine can be operated safely by the user.

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