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Whether you handle large numbers of meal trays in an industrial setting - or operate the local corner bakery - chances are you'll know Piper. LaCrosse by Piper Stainless will fit seamlessly into Piper’s already extensive metal working expertise. Piper’s knowledge of welding and metal bending with their additional use of millwork and fiberglass will only stand to enhance the already trusted and quality products of LaCrosse Cooler.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Midwest Region
Rocky Mountain Region
Texas & Oklahoma Region

Available States

El Paso
New Mexico

Ice Chests with Bottle Storage

The Ice Chest with Bottle Storage, which is part of the Lacrosse Underbar Serving Units, is a crucial element of any backbar arrangement. These ice chests are stand-alone units that aid in the hassle-free and efficient preparation of mixed drinks, even in a bustling bar setting. They are crafted using high-quality 304 stainless steel, feature a welded and polished top assembly, and come in various lengths to cater to specific requirements.

Manufacturer Highlights

Ice Chest with Built-in Blender Shelf

These all-in-one workstations, exemplify a perfect combination of convenience and functionality in a single unit. One such workstation is the Ice Chest with a Built-in Blender Shelf, which is equipped with several specialized components for mixing and preparing drinks, making it an ideal choice for any bar setting. These workstations can be easily integrated with a Standard Ice Chest Unit, Blender Station, Hand/Dump Sink, and/or Glass Storage Unit to further enhance their functionality.

Standard Pass Thrus

The Lacrosse Underbar Pass Thrus are a versatile addition to any bar setup, designed to be utilized by both the bartender and the waitstaff for maximum efficiency in serving customers. These stations serve as a centralized location for preparing and serving a wide variety of drinks to meet customer demands. The units are available in Overshelf and Double Overshelf configurations, providing additional storage options and further enhancing their practicality.

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