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Experience The Wide Range Of Benefits That XpressChef™ High-Speed Ovens Deliver. When it comes to speed, XpressChef™ puts food quality first. Equal to or better than the standard you set. Beyond speed, the oven's ability to cook more types of food from a single platform allows you to expand your menu while reducing the amount of equipment required to produce it. Combine this with simplified menu management and controls that can be used by staff of any skill level, and it's easy to see how XpressChef™ ovens can take your operation to the next level.


Available in the following locations:

Available Regions

Rocky Mountain Region

Available States

El Paso
New Mexico

XpressChef 2c

The XpressChef 2c is your new, better, faster baker. Imagine perfect baking in a fraction of the time - even with a wide variety of menu items. This unit saves time and labor, it's easy to program, operate, clean, and maintains. It features the Menu Management App and is a Smart USB standard equipment item. This model is also available ventless - place anywhere and lower expenses at the same time.

Manufacturer Highlights

XpressChef 3i

Radically reduce service time without sacrificing any food quality with the XpressChef 3i - the Front Of The House Everything Oven. You're able to produce more with less equipment, toast, bake, and steam - fresh and on-demand every time. This unit is sure to provide greater consistency with less waste, a user-friendly operation system, and the freedom to locate it anywhere with a ventless option.

XpressChef 4i

Are you ready to cook large batches of food and multiple items on demand while also accelerating your cook time? Sounds like it's time to level up to an XpressChef 4i - High Volume Speed Cooking Made Easy. Bake, roast, grill, steam, and toast to perfection - all in one unit. This model has a large cavity to accelerate your cook time, provide consistent results even during peak period, and save on operating expenses.

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