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Welcoming Jonathan Jones: Our New Corporate Chef & Houston/Coastal Bend Territory Manager!

Jonathan Jones joins our team as the new Corporate Chef & Houston/Coastal Bend Territory Manager, bringing 37 years of culinary expertise and a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry. With a proven track record in strategic marketing, customer service, and operational management, Jonathan is well-equipped to lead and enhance our culinary ventures.

Sales and Marketing Excellence

Jonathan's proficiency in strategic marketing and sales, coupled with a deep understanding of POS, CRM, and data analysis technology, has consistently surpassed expected goals.

Executive Leadership in Culinary Operations

In roles such as Executive Chef and Operations Manager/Director of Operations, Jonathan has overseen day-to-day operations, managed inventory, implemented cost controls, and analyzed profit and loss data, contributing to the success of unique bar/restaurants.

Innovative Menu Development

Jonathan's creativity shines through in menu development and recipe design, where he has maintained relevance with seasonal offerings that celebrate unique flavors and traditions.

Awards and Accolades

Under Jonathan's leadership, establishments have received accolades from notable publications and made appearances on prestigious TV networks, reflecting his commitment to culinary excellence.

Passion Beyond the Kitchen

Residing in Houston, Texas, with his wife and two children, Jonathan shares a love for international travel and SCUBA diving.

Welcome Jonathan

We warmly welcome Jonathan Jones to our team. His passion for culinary innovation, coupled with his commitment to excellence, aligns seamlessly with our vision. We look forward to his leadership in enhancing both our culinary offerings and operational efficiency in the Houston/Coastal Bend territory.

Feel free to reach out to Jonathan for introductions or discussions. We look forward to achieving new heights together.

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