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What Makes A Good Rep Group?

Written by Travis Lusky, Professional Reps Managing Partner/COO

What makes a good rep group? What makes a rep group stand out?

Is it being there every day…week… or month? Is it communication? It is knowledge? Is it sharing leads?

Quite simply, the answer is….yes.

In my first five months with Professional Reps there is one thing I quickly learned, and that is like snowflakes, there are no two dealers that are exactly like.

You may have multiple dealers who do the same things or “play in the same space” but that by no means makes them similar. One dealer could be full of experienced salespeople and just need a rep to answer their calls. Another similar dealer may be full of young go-getters that need weekly product knowledge and small leads to build on.

If I had to answer that question – “What makes a good rep group?”, it would be adaptability. As reps we need to know how to connect with each of our dealers and end-users. We need to know what makes them tick and how we can help move the vendor needle with them.

One of the many great aspects of Professional Reps is not only are we in 14 states, but our adaptability. With that much coverage, we have a large amount of dealers and end-users that we can learn and grow from. During our weekly conference calls, we discuss our successes and how we were able to close a certain deal or get a stocking program with a dealer. We continue to learn from each other.

They say… if you’re not growing your dying. A key ingredient for growth is adaptability.



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