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Welcome to the Presentation of

We are bringing the heat. 

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Are you ready for it?

You've found our secret page...

which means you are incredibly smart (and can text)...

but are you agile enough to discover the answers?

We shall see.


Here is how this is going to work.

Below is a quiz. If you pay attention and answer the questions with accuracy, you'll be rewarded with extra ammo. The team with the highest quiz score + best completion time of the in-room game...wins. Trust us, you want to win. 

Quiz questions got you stumped? 

Yeah - that happens in our industry. 

And the Professional Reps team is known for finding the answers - it's what makes us the best.

So, click around in the gallery below to find the answers you seek...they are there. 

100% = 5 Ammo

80-99% = 4 Ammo

70-79% = 3 Ammo

50-69% = 2 Ammo

Below 69% = you are out of luck pal. 

Do well on the well in the game. 

Take the Quiz

Once you have your score, flag a #TeamApril member to collect your ammo, then head to the in-room game.  

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