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How to Make a Sale AND a Friend!

How? Host a #demo! 🔪👩🏼‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳

Here’s some #tips on how to host the best demo:

1. 🚫 Don’t focus on ONE product. 🚫

That’s right! Don’t go into a demo with the mindset of only showing them “X” product. Listen to your #customer! Ask what is on their #menu. Allow them to bring their own #food to #cook. Show them around the entire #kitchen. Let them touch and feel as much equipment as they want! And always – ALWAYS – be thinking of what other equipment compliments their processes and make sure to mention it!

2. 🙌🏻 ✅ Celebrate FAILED demos! There’s MORE #opportunity! 🙌🏻 ✅

What’s the purpose of a demo? To demonstrate how that product would improve their menu! Plain and simple! During a demo you will get to witness if that piece of equipment is actually the best for their needs. If it doesn’t come out how they hoped, stop and reevaluate! Do we need to change the #cook settings? Possibly. Do we an entirely different #cooking method? Perhaps. Have those blunt conversations with your customer and don’t insist on #selling something you know won’t work!

3. 💭👊🏼 TEST equipment. BUILD #relationships! 💭👊🏼

Use a demo as a time to get to know the customer – beyond their foodservice equipment needs. Every article written on #business will tell you that relationships are essential for #sales. Why? Relationships build trust and loyalty, it creates a human element to a business transaction, and it is simply FUN!

If you have any tips on hosting and BEST demo… drop them below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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