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Why we just CAN'T resist a pizza in a Proluxe Oven

Proluxe Stone Hearth Ovens speak for themselves, designed with the most consistent heat distribution possible in a stone hearth oven, paired with the most advanced in-floor heating system and dome construction, you simply couldn't ask for more.

These ovens utilize Precision Heat Technology to simplify the operation of a stone hearth oven by eliminating hot spots. You read that right, no hotspots. The deck is engineered to remain at a consistent temperature throughout your day. The Proluxe patented convex dome prevents you from ever having to dome your pizza again.

Have we mentioned the flexibility? These ovens are available in multiple fuel options for any cooking application - roast, sear, bake, and sauté, all in one unit, at the same time. For even more flexibility, you have the option to customize your stone hearth oven to meet your restaurant's specifications. Customizations are available with various fuel options, opening, facades, and accessories.

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