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Thankful for the many years of partnership with Bally Refrigerated Boxes

Behind every manufacturer on our line card, there is a story to tell.

When Brian Bauer became owner of Professional Reps a long time ago, the first manufacturer he represented was Bally Refrigerated Boxes.

The relationship grew through the years and a wonderful partnership transpired. To support their brand, we hired in-house CAD designers, offered turnkey construction of larger scale projects, and began servicing local customers. We’re proud to say that we have sold more walk-ins than ever expected and erected walk-in warehouses WAY larger than ever imagined! Some of the projects we’ve partnered on have truly been a marvel to see in person.

We represented Bally Refrigerated Boxes for over 15 years but with our growing company and the changing scope of Professional Reps, it became apparent that we had to make a tough decision. It is with thoughtful consideration that we decided to take a step in a different direction.

We are so thankful for the many years of partnership with Bally Refrigerated Boxes and we wish them nothing but the best! We will continue to wear our tenure with pride and boast about our work together. Thank you for the many years of quoting and re-quoting, follow ups and follow through, and overall…. the friendship!

Brian Bauer

President | CEO

Professional Reps



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