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The Monday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Frozen Espresso Martini


5 cups of espresso (or cold brew)

2 cups coffee liquer

3 cups vodka

2 cups half & half

2 cups whole milk

2 cups simple syrup

Garnish Ingredients:

¼ c skim milk

1 teaspoon finely ground coffee

Chef Brendan's Instructions:

Combine all ingredients into a Cambro and pulse with immersion blender. Add mixture to frozen drink machine (Grindmaster I-Pro) and allow approximately 30-40 minutes to properly freeze.

Using the vitamix aeration container (or aerating hand whisk), add skim milk. Run blender at low speed until milk has aerated into a frothy foam.

Dispense frozen beverage into glass. Spoon foamed mixture on top of beverage until a thick layer of froth covers the entire top of the glass. Sift finely ground coffee on top of foam.

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