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We're Celebrating Promotions and New Hires

Great news to announce from Professional Reps!

We are extremely pleased to announce the team is growing in both our Rocky Mountain Region and our Midwest Region. Please help us celebrate four promotions from within and welcome three new hires!

• Promoting from within and moving across the country is Richard Larsen. Richard previously served in the Rocky Mountain Region as our Utah Territory Manager and Executive Chef. He has been offered and accepted a role relocating him to the Midwest Region. Richard will serve as Managing Partner / Vice President Midwest Region. His family will be moving from Salt Lake City, UT to Cincinnati, OH and they are thrilled at the exciting new opportunity! Congratulations, Richard!

• Joining the team in the Midwest Region is Travis Lusky. Travis will fulfill the new role within the company as Managing Partner / COO. Travis bring us 15+ years of industry experience covering national accounts. We consider him an expert and cannot wait for him to take us to the next level! Welcome, Travis!

• Promoting from within and taking on a new Midwest Region role is Nick Schoenfeld. Nick has proven to be a valuable asset and we quickly recognized his talents! Previously our Ohio / W. Virginia Territory Manager, Nick has accepted the new role as Director of Operations Midwest Region. He is an energetic team leader and brings expertise to the operations! Congratulations, Nick!

• The Rocky Mountain Region didn’t have a vacancy for long! Promoting from within and moving 500 miles north is our very own Brent Scalia. Brent has accepted the role as Utah Territory Manager and will additionally continue serving as End User Support. He is looking forward to relocating and is excited for a change of scenery! Congratulations, Brent!

• The Midwest Region is also promoting from within Brendan Schiering. Previously our Midwest Region Chef, Brendan accepted the role as Kentucky Territory Manager and Executive Chef! His customer focused approach will serve Kentucky well and we are looking forward to utilizing his culinary talent across all regions! Congratulations, Brendan!

• Joining the team in the Midwest Region is Christina Wahl. Christina will serve as the Northern Ohio Territory Manager. Christina bring us 20+ years of industry experience, specifically serving manufacturing. Welcome, Christina!

• Joining the team in the Rocky Mountain Region is Dawn Broeder. Dawn will serve as our second Colorado Territory Manager and Chef. Dawn brings us a career of culinary expertise as well as school-focused foodservice systems! Welcome, Dawn!

I want to thank our partners who have supported us throughout the years and given us the amazing opportunity to grow. The faith that you have put in the Professional Reps team does not go unnoticed and our goals have always been to reward those that trust in our team!

After 60+ years...We are just getting started!

We look forward to helping you find solutions for your foodservice needs.

Thank you!

Brian Bauer


Richard Larsen

Managing Partner / Vice President Midwest Region

(801) 803-4806

Travis Lusky

Managing Partner / COO

(419) 575-4036

Nick Schoenfeld

Director of Operations Midwest Region

(513) 252-9294

Brent Scalia

Utah Territory Manager / End User Support

(504) 756-7420

Brendan Schiering

Kentucky Territory Manager and Executive Chef

(203) 448-8439

Christina Wahl

Northern Ohio Territory Manager

(704) 657-1370

Dawn Broeder

Colorado Territory Manager and Chef

(720) 955-8108



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