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Brendan Schiering

Chef Brendan Schiering began his journey in the foodservice industry where all chefs do, at the ripe age of 15, bussing tables, in his hometown. This first job sparked his interest in all things food, and he quickly transitioned from bussing tables to prepping the food that was placed on them. He followed this passion to college, where he studied Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management at Johnson & Wales University. His degree led him to experience every unique facet of the foodservice industry, from Michelin-rated restaurants, working with James Beard award-winning chefs, to private country clubs, food trucks, and meal prepping for athletes. It's safe to say that Chef Brendan Schiering knows his way around any kitchen you put him in. Today, he is approaching his 4th year working as a corporate chef on the equipment manufacturer side of the industry. Although this side of the culinary world is different from his previous ventures, Chef Brendan approaches every opportunity to work in a kitchen as an opportunity to continue to grow his passion, and educate others in this industry along the way.

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